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Hire Missouri Magicians Illusionists Comedians And Entertainers For Hire In Missouri, Hire MO Magicians Illusionists Comedians And Entertainers For Hire In MO

No matter what type of event you are planning In Missouri MO, if you need to hire magicians, illusionists or entertainers for hire in Missouri MO and nothing less than cunning, magical entertainment that differs from "the norm" will do, then there is no need to look any further!

Aedryan Methyus has over 11 different magic show packages available for you to choose from, which will allow you to select the type of magic show that will suit your needs, the audience and your budget exactly. You simply will not find other magicians, illusionists or entertainers for hire in Missouri MO with as many options and show features available! With many years of experience in performing world wide, for audiences from all walks of life, Aedryan designs every one of his magic acts with the client's needs in mind.

Whether your event will be held in the largest of civic arenas, a club, a banquet room, a school or college or even in your living room, with well over 4 hours of cutting edge magic and illusion to select from, Aedryan has a magic act that will accomodate virtually all performance situations. Whether you want a comedy magic show that will have your guests laughing hysterically from beginning to end, an enormous illusion show that will leave them in awe or a spooky and mysterious bizarre magic show that will have your guests swearing they witnessed actual miracles, you can be certain that Aedryan will bring a highly interactive magic act, full of audience participation that is appropriate for your group.

You will also have comfort in knowing that Aedryan is fully insured and that EVERY one of Aedryan's performances come with a 100% GUARANTEE. If Aedryan fails to create an experience in magic for you and your guests that you will never forget, the show is FREE!

Just Choose The Magic Show That Is Right For You!

Please take a few moments to find the the type of magic show that is perfect for your event by clicking on the "Shows" link above, where you will find some of the different types of magic shows, Aedryan currently has available. By clicking on the "Read More!" link at the end of each brief description you will be taken to a page that gives you a complete description and a detailed breakdown of what the magic show includes. Once you have decided which magic show would best suit your needs, please fill out one of our Convenient Client Inquiry Forms and someone will get right back to you with additional show and pricing information and answer any questions you may have or you may contact us directly by phone and we will be happy to help you.

Thank you for visiting Aedryan's website and we look forward to working with you to help make your event spectacular!

Still Have Questions?

"How Does Aedryan Methyus Differ From The Norm?"

Click Here To See About 100 Ways Aedryan Methyus Differs From "The Norm" And Learn Some Things About Hiring Magicians, Illusionists And Entertainers That EVERY Talent Buyer NEEDS To Know Before Their Money "Disappears"!

"Why Should I Hire Magicians, Illusionists And Entertainers Direct Instead Of Using One Of The "So Called" Online Magician's Booking Agencies To Hire Magicians, Illusionists And Entertainers For Hire In Missouri MO?"

Simply put, 99% of the websites you will find online that claim to have "AMAZING MAGICIANS", illusionists and entertainers for hire in Missouri MO are NOT entertainment booking agencies at all whatsoever! The fact is, magicians, illusionists and entertainers who may be for hire in Missouri MO, simply pay a fee, as well as a hefty commission to some slick webmaster, in order to be listed on their websites. The magicians, illusionists and entertainers for hire in Missouri MO on these websites are not screened in any way, shape or form, nor are their credentials verified. These "magician's booking agents" will gladly list any magician, illusionist or entertainer on their website who is willing to pay ridiculous fees and do "cheap magic shows". This is NOT the high quality magical entertainment your event deserves!

When someone who wants to hire magicians, illusionists or entertainers for hire in Missouri MO goes to these "We've Got AMAZING Magicians For You!" websites and fills out one of their forms, the "lead" is sent out to several magicians, illusionists and entertainers for hire in Missouri MO. The magician who bids the lowest price to do the magic show is your "AMAZING MAGICIAN" and ALAKAZAM! Talent buyers have their "cheap magicians" and the webmaster (again, NOT a talent agent), who knows absolutely nothing about magic, magicians or even the entertainment business, makes more money off of the commission.

We have found that many of these webmasters are actually charging magicians, illusionists and entertainers up to 100% commission for these leads! That means that YOU, the talent buyer who is under pressure to hire high quality magicians, illusionists or entertainers for your special event in Missouri MO, end up paying over twice as much for less than professional entertainment!

So, What Makes Methyus.com The Better Choice?

Aedryan handles most of his own bookings directly and ALWAYS works closely with each of his clients one on one to make certain they are getting the best possible magic shows to suit their needs and that their budgets can afford. On occassions when Aedryan's performance schedule prevents him from having initial contact with his clients, his management team, which consists of his wife - DD and other assistants and crewmembers who KNOW the magic business, as well as Aedryan's magic acts, work one on one with his clients in the same professional manner until Aedryan becomes available. If you need to hire magicians, illusionists or entertainers for hire in Missouri MO with an impressive list of proven credentials and satisfied clients from all over the world and you are not willing to compromise the integrity of your establishment, event and even your own reputation by taking a chance on less than professional magicians, who provide "cheap magic shows" then Aedryan Methyus is the perfect solution for you!

Aedryan Methyus Is Available In The

Following Missouri Cities And Towns:

• Adrian
• Affton
• Albany
• Appleton
• Arnold
• Arrow Rock
• Ashland
• Augusta
• Aurora
• Ava
• Ballwin
• Baxter Lakes
• Bellefontaine
• Bel – Nor
• Belton
• Bernie
• Bethany
• Black Jack
• Blackwater
• Blue Springs
• Bolivar
• Bonne Terre
• Boonville
• Bourbon
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• Bridgeton
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• Charlack
• Charleston
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• Clarence
• Clarkson Valley
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• Clayton
• Clinton
• Cole Camp
• Columbia
• Concordia
• Cottleville
• Crestwood
• Creve Coeur
• Crocker
• Crystal City
• Cuba
• Deepwater
• Deslodge
• De Soto
• Des Peres
• Dexter
• Dixon
• Eagleville
• East Prairie
• Edina
• Eldon
• El Dorado Springs
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• Elsberry
• Eminence
• Eureka
• Excelsior Springs
• Fair Grove
• Farmington
• Fayette
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• Festus
• Florissant
• Forsyth
• Fulton
• Gladstone
• Glendale
• Grain Valley
• Granby
• Grandview
• Hale
• Hallsville
• Hamilton
• Hannibal
• Harrisonville
• Hazelwood
• Herculaneum
• Hermann
• Higginsville
• Hillsboro
• Holden
• Hollister
• Holts Summit
• Houston
• Humansville
• Independence
• Jackson
• Jamesport
• Jefferson City
• Joplin
• Kansas City
• Kearney
• Kennett
• Keytesville
• Kimberling City
• Kirksville
• Kirkwood
• La Grange
• Lake Ozark
• Lake St Louis
• Lake Waukomis
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• Lamar
• Lathrop
• Lawson
• Lebanon
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• Lemay
• Lesterville
• Lexington
• Liberty
• Licking
• Louisiana
• Macon
• Malden
• Manchester
• Mansfield
• Maplewood
• Marceline
• Marshall
• Marshfield
• Maryland Heights
• Maryville
• Merriam Woods
• Mexico
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• Moberly
• Monett
• Monroe City
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• Mountain Grove
• Mountain View
• Mt Vernon
• Neosho
• Nevada
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• New Madrid
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• Warsaw
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• Webb City
• Webster Groves
• Weldon Spring
• Wellsville
• Wentzville
• Weston
• West Plains
• Wildwood
• Willard
• Willow Springs
• Windsor
• Wright City

"Can I Hire Other/Additional Magicians, Illusionists And Entertainers For Hire In Missouri MO At Methyus.com?"

Besides being the management of master magician/illusionist Aedryan Methyus and producers of professional magic shows and illusion shows in Missouri MO, we also offer free referrals to other types of entertainers for hire in Missouri MO whenever we are able to. Whatever your event, if you are actively seeking to hire magicians, illusionists or other entertainers in Missouri MO or would just like to learn more about magicians, illusionists and other entertainers for hire in Missouri MO, you have come to the right place. If for whatever reason Aedryan is not able to personally provide magical entertainment for your event, we will be happy to refer you to other qualified magicians, illusionists and entertainers for hire in Missouri MO. Either way, our goal is to help corporations, entertainment venues and individuals who are seeking to hire high quality magicians, illusionists and other entertainers for hire in the Missouri MO, receive the highest quality magic shows, illusion shows and other entertainers, so they can be assured that their entertainment budgets are being well spent.

Unlike 99% of talent booking agencies and event planners who have magicians, illusionists and entertainers for hire in Missouri MO, who are simply buried among an array of other magicians, illusionists, entertainers and other event related services, we KNOW magic and the magic industry. It is our specialty! We work closely with Aedryan and other entertainers to not only understand the needs of entertainment buyers, but also to enable us to share valuable and informative insight with our clients, which will give them peace of mind in knowing that when they hire Aedryan or other referral magicians, illusionists or entertainers in Missouri MO from Methyus.com to perform magic shows, illusion shows or other forms of entertainment, the entertainers will meet their needs exactly, no matter where they are in Missouri MO. When we refer other entertainers to companies and individuals you can be certain that we will not recommend any other magicians, illusionists or entertainers for hire in Missouri who do not display the same level of professionalism as Aedryan.

If you are seeking to hire entertainers in Missouri MO that provide other types of entertainment besides magic, we are always happy to provide talent buyers with free referrals to other quality Missouri MO entertainers for hire in Missouri MO as well. Though we do not manage other Missouri MO entertainers, please be assured that any entertainers we do refer to clients throughout Missouri MO, have been thouroughly screened and have proven themselves to be professional, working entertainers in Missouri MO. You may request other entertainers for hire in Missouri MO by filling out one of our Client Inquiry Forms and letting us know what other types of entertainers you are in need of. Once we have selected qualified Missouri entertainers for hire in Missouri MO, we will send you their contact information and you will have direct contact with each of the entertainers that we recommend to you and we DO NOT charge a commission!


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