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Discover Why Master Magician Illusionist - Aedryan Methyus Differs From "The Norm"

If you are trying to find magicians, illusionists or entertainers for hire in Nevada (NV) we invite you to see for yourself the many ways Master Magician/Illusionist - Aedryan Methyus differs from "the norm". There are many different show plans and packages available for you to select from. GUARANTEED wow factor for your venue or event!

How Does Aedryan Methyus Differ From Other
Magicians, Illusionists And Entertainers For
Hire In Nevada (NV)?

. : The Experience : .

No matter what type of event you are planning, if you need to hire high quality entertainment and would like to hire a magician, illusionist or entertainer in Nevada (NV) that is guaranteed to add "wow factor" to your event and create memories for your guests that will last a lifetime, there is no need to look any further. Aedryan has been performing worldwide professionally for over 16 years. He has performed for some of the largest and most prestigious corporations and organizations in the world and for audiences of all ages from all walks of life in just about every imaginable performance environment.

. : Intimate Magic That Touches Audiences : .

Every one of Aedryan's magic and illusion shows contain highly interactive audience participation, hilarious comedy magic, captivating storytelling, mentalism and impossible predictions. And, for some of his special themed show packages - some very spooky and rare bizarre magic, which touches his audiences on even deeper emotional levels. No matter which show package you decide on, you can be certain that Aedryan's brand of magic will touch your guests and move them on many different levels.

. : Awe Inspiring Illusion : .

Aedryan has a wide array of different magic shows and illusion shows available for you to select from, ranging from small to large with every size show in between. If you are trying to find and hire a magician or illusionist in Nevada (NV) with an act that is of larger proportions, Aedryan's larger illlusion shows consist of "Awe Inspiring" large-scale grand illusions and mega illusions, hypnotic, driving music, dance and theatrics galore. For larger venues, he can also incorporate entrancing video animation with 360 degree audience viewing of the magic and illusions on large screen projection monitors for a very up close and personal audience experience.

. : Lovable Charm : .

All of the magical elements in Aedryan's performances are presented with his lovable charm, witty character and comical antics. Aedryan never fails to connect with his audiences and leave them spellbound, as he takes them on a rollercoaster ride, full of mystery and wonder, with surprises around every corner.

Aedryan Methyus was the best magician we have ever had at our annual Halloween party! All of our guests, including a state representative, members of the Pa. Attorney General's office and local friends and guests all raved about Aedryan. Don't make a mistake by getting anybody else for your event...

- Guy L. (Corporate Event)

Aedryan did a great job for our Corporate Christmas Party. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show and was truly amazed at some of his tricks. Aedryan was very professional and punctual for our event. I would recommend him to others who are looking for an entertaining magician/illusionist...

- Darren A. (Corporate Event)

Aedryan was excellent! We have a mixture of stuffy people and fun people, and he did really well in dealing with them all. He had comedy in the acts and was very professional. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to others, he was well worth the money...

- Christine B. (Corporate Event)

Aedryan was wonderful. He was professional, and definitely had a great impact on our group. Even with the 7 inches of snow that we received the day of the event, he made it up to the event. I'm sure others would have canceled, where Aedryan did not. I look forward to working with him again sometime in the future...

- Brian D. (Corporate Event)

Aedryan was engaging, friendly and put on an exceptional performance. We will definitely contact him to perform at our event next year...

- Keith A. (Corporate Event)

Great show for our employees. Thanks for getting everyone laughing and bewildered...

- Jeannine M. (Corporate Event)

Very pleased! I would recommend the 1/2 hour walk around before and after the show. It definitely added to the whole experience...

- Diane F. (Adult Birthday Party)

He arrived on time and had no trouble setting up. He kept a crowd of 16 year olds happy for over an hour. There were several spontaneous ohs and ahs from the audience. So he must have stumped them with the tricks...

- Bart M. (Teen Birthday Party)

I knew as soon as I first talked to Aedryan that I had nothing to worry about. He was very professional, returned my calls and emails promptly, and accommodated all requests that I had. His show was very entertaining combining both humor and mystery to create a memorable experience. I would definitely hire him again...

- Cherie V. (Graduation Party)

Aedryan had performed a magical show for our company and the kids loved him! He did a great job...

- Lynn A. (Corporate Children's Show)

The performance was great. Aedryan Methyus is one in a million. Dealing with young children (9) takes alot of expertise and talent. His performance was both entertaining and magical. I would not think twice on recommending him to someone else for a party or event. I will personally use his service again. Number ONE top act...

- Julie K. (Children's Birthday Party)

He was good with the kids and also got the adults involved. Everyone had fun...

- Melissa S. (Children's Magic Show)

. : Aedryan's Guarantee : .

Every one of Aedryan's magic shows come with a risk free 100% GUARANTEE! When you hire master magician illusionist - Aedryan Methyus, you can be certain that he will provide a spectacular evening of intimate magic and illusion that suits your needs, as well as your budget. If Aedryan fails to create a magical experience for your guests that they will never forget and they do not laugh, clap and have a great time - the performance is FREE!

. : Options & Flexibility : .

Whether you need to hire a magician in Nevada (NV) to perform magic at a children's birthday party in your living room, an outdoor family reunion, a corporate event in a banquet room or hire a mega illusionist to perform in the largest of civic arenas, Aedryan will provide a magic show that will be perfect for your event. Every one of Aedryan's magic shows and illusion shows have many different customization options and features, as well as upscale versions available.

Many of Aedryan's show packages can even be interchanged with other show packages. This allows Aedryan the flexibility to custom design and tailor his magic or illusion shows, so the performance will suit your needs, your budget, the audience and the venue exactly. Aedryan's clients always marvel over his flexibility and versatility, because when they were trying to find magicians and illusionists for hire in Nevada (NV) and comparing candidates, they simply could not find other magicians or illusionists in Nevada with nearly as many options.

Be sure to visit Aedryan's Magic And Illusion Portal to find the perfect show package for your venue or event.

Thanks so much for checking out my website. I hope you will spend some more time here learning more about my arts, my passions and all that they entail. It is much... I truly hope to have the pleasure of speaking with you very soon, so we can discuss the many ways you can use my talents to help make your event spectacular. Until then, may your days be filled with magic and all of your night scenes be painted...

~ Aedryan

Things To Know While You're Trying To Find And Hire A Magician, Illusionist Or Entertainer In Nevada (NV)

Entertainment Talent Buyer's Guide - A guide to help you book or hire local magicians, illusionists and entertainers If you have been elected to hire a magician, illusionist or entertainer in Nevada (NV) to provide the highest quality entertainment for your event, we highly recommend taking a few moments to look through Aedryan's thoughtful and informative "Talent Buyer's Guide". You will above all, learn how Aedryan's magic and illusion shows differ from the "norm" you will find with other magicians and illusionists for hire in Nevada (NV). You will also learn about different kinds of magicians, illusionsts and different types of magic shows and illusion shows. In addition, you will learn many important things to watch out for, because Aedryan knows you want to hire only the best magician, illusionist or entertainer in Nevada (NV) to help make your event a HUGE success!.

Compare Before Your Hire A Magician, Illusionist Or
Entertainer In Nevada (NV)

We know that it can be stressful and confusing trying to find the best entertainment when you need to hire magicians, illusionists or other entertainers in Nevada (NV) for an event. Especially if you are not familiar with the particular type of entertainment they provide. The best advice we can give you as an entertainment buyer is, to compare before you make the decision to hire a magician, illusionist or other entertainer in Nevada (NV).

The single most important thing you can do when you are looking to hire a magician, illusionist or other entertainer in Nevada (NV) and comparing candidates is, insist on seeing promo videos. While you are comparing the promo videos make certain that they contain clips from actual live performances and not just "staged" video footage. It's very easy to tell the difference. Be sure to watch and listen to the audience member's reactions. There should be lots of laughter and clapping, as well as, "eeeews" and "aaaws". While you are comparing the available magicians, illusionists and entertainers for hire in Nevada (NV), one of your primary concerns should be that they are able to make the audience genuinely laugh. Without that ability it is very unlikely that the performer will be able to connect with your guests. Two of the other most important things are to ask for a resume' and references from past clients, along with their contact information. While you are looking over the information be sure to see if they have ever performed at an event/venue that is similar to yours. Afterwards, you will want to contact at least a couple of their references by phone and speak with them directly.

Only Hire A Working Professional Magician Or
Illusionist In Nevada (NV)

One last thing you will want to find out before you hire a magician, illusionist or any other entertainer in Nevada is, if they perform professionally for a living. Or, just for extra money or only as a hobby. Though, not always, it is much more likely that a working professional will have much more refined showmanship, choreography and experience in performing for people from all walks of life in many different performance settings than a hobbyist. You owe it to yourself, your guests and to the success of your special event to only hire a professional magician, illusionist or entertainer in Nevada (NV)!