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Children's Educational Magic Program

Project M.A.G.I.C.™ is a very special children’s educational magic show, which combines magic with puppetry, sound effects and special storytelling. Using these strong, visual tools, Aedryan will captivate the children’s imaginations while instilling many important messages within them that they will never forget. Aedryan utilizes high impact, cutting edge techniques that truly makes for a fantastic, fun filled, educational program. Each and every routine is themed in a very special manner and there is non-stop, comical interaction between each of the characters, Aedryan and the children throughout the program that will captivate the children’s imaginations while leaving them in stitches. Every step of the “Project M.A.G.I.C.” program is presented in a direct, easy to follow, comprehensive and caring way that will not fail to connect with the children.

The children will fall in love with each of the characters presented throughout this children's educational magic program!

A Few Of The Characters:

“Dexter The Rabbit” – Aedryan draws a picture of a lovable rabbit that comes to life and speaks with the children, performs tricks and helps Aedryan narrate each step of the program.
“Gilbert The Good” – A lovable puppet that is used throughout the program to represent our “good voice” and good people that might encourage us to do the right things and make good decisions.
“Ike The Terrible” – A “not so lovable” puppet that is used throughout the program to represent our “bad voice” and people that might encourage us to do the wrong things and make bad decisions.
“Melvin The Magical Chicken” – A lovable string puppet that comes to life, dances, does tricks and is used to explain to the children about people that may look, act, talk or walk a little different.

Ideal For:
  • Children's YMCA Programs
  • Libraries
  • Youth Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Daycares
  • Ages 4 - 8

A Few Of The Topics That Are Covered Include:
  • Making Good Decisions
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Talking To Strangers
  • The Importance Of Reading
  • People That Are Different

Theatrical Features:
  • Pre-show Music
  • Music & Sound Effects Throughout The Show

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