Promo Videos

Aedryan Methyus - Main Magic Promo Video (Running Time: 11:16)

Main Magic Promo

This is currently Aedryan's main magic promo video. Aedryan's magic promo video features clips taken from many of his live magic performances in various venues and performance settings for audiences and age groups from all walks of life. Aedryan's magic promo video opens with a montage, which entails a few highlights from live performances combined with live testimonials from clients and random audience members after the performances. This is only a small example of what your guests will be saying after the show! The video then transitions into video clips taken from a few of Aedryan's audience participation magic pieces to most importantly convey to clients how Aedryan connects with his audiences on emotional levels and to above all, demonstrate how his audiences laugh, clap and have a great time. Aedryan's magic promo video then concludes with a montage showcasing some of Aedryan's larger illusions and mega illusions for clients, who are seeking a magic/illusion show of larger proportions.

Aedryan Methyus - Coins & Cards Magic Video (Running Time: 04:16)

Sleight Of Hand Magic Video

This magic video is not Aedryan's formal close-up magic demo video per se'. Aedryan had been contacted by a video production company, whom were in the process of filming a television commercial for a casino. They were seeking close-up magic video clips of magicians performing sleight of hand magic with coins and cards. So, over the course of the next 24 hours that followed, Aedryan quickly scrambled to setup a video shoot and managed to produce this video to send the video production company. The majority of what you will see in this close-up magic video are magic effects, which Aedryan had never previously performed. He literally came up with these routines "on the fly" during the filming process over a 24 hour period, in order to deliver exactly what the video production company was seeking. This magic video is being shared to not only demonstrate Aedryan's sleight of hand, close-up magic talents, but to also convey how he goes the extra distance to deliver exactly what his clients need. Aedryan is currently preparing to to film a formal close-up magic video demo, among many other new magic videos.

Many New Magic Videos Coming Soon!