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Trade Show Magic

If you need to hire a trade show magician or entertainer, Aedryan has MANY options available to you and the possibilities are endless! It comes down to what your underlying goals are and what the performance environment will allow for. To help give you some ideas, be sure to visit Aedryan's Magic & Illusion Show Portal and check out a few of the different types of performances he has available. Any one of Aedryan's corporate magic and illusion show packages can be modified and custom tailored to suit your needs exactly. You simply will not find many trade show magicians or entertainers for hire with so many options. If you already have something specific in mind and would like to hire a trade show magician or entertainer to custom design a magic effect or even an entire act with your ideas. Not a problem! Aedryan will bring your ideas to life and make them AWESOME!

Some Insight On How A Trade Show Magician Can Maximize Your Exposure

To successfully exhibit at a trade show you need to attract the maximum number of visitors to your stand, then hold their attention while your company’s message is delivered. A trade show magician will make this possible and will ensure that your company attracts the most attention by introducing you and your product in a creative and magical way. By highlighting your company’s key Unique Selling Points through customized magic with your company’s message, in a concise, well presented and entertaining way, a good trade show magician will attract the maximum amount of prospects and delegates to your stand on a constant basis. There has never been a more direct method for achieving positive results and leads than emphasizing your company’s “USP’s” to prospects and delegates with magic. Aedryan is a very creative thinker and entertainer and he can easily custom tailor his magic and presentations to deliver your company’s unique selling propositions and in many cases, even custom design and create magic or illusions, which utilize a company's actual product or service.

Or... Aedryan Can Simply Achieve This With Pure "WOW Factor"

Many times Aedryan’s trade show clientele will prefer to have him perform close-up magic or even cabaret magic at their booth without even incorporating their company’s unique selling propositions into the magic at all and it still never fails to draw a huge crowd to their booths and keep them there. This is because magic is a form of entertainment, which commands attention and intrigue no matter where it is being performed. Other times Aedryan’s trade show clientele will prefer one (or more) of Aedryan's magic or illusion shows on the mainstage, for which to entertain their prospects and delegates at the trade show. If it’s “Wow Factor” you want at your next trade show, there are MANY options available to you. Just look through some of Aedryan’s show packages and decide which show type would best suit your needs. Any one of Aedryan’s shows can run several times throughout the day or be broken up into shorter performances. Whatever works best for you! If a stage isn’t going to be available at the trade show for Aedryan’s larger performances, not a problem. Aedryan can transform any ordinary room into an ambient, theatrical setting.

No matter what your trade show or corporate entertainment needs are, if you need to hire a trade show magician or entertainer for your next corporate event, Aedryan will help ensure that it is a total success!

General Customization Options:
  • Multiple Full-Length Performances Throughout The Day
  • Longer/Shorter Performances Throughout The Day
  • Longer/Shorter Single Performance
  • Combine/Intertwine Show Packages
  • Staging/Audio/Visual Elements
  • And, So Much More...

How About:
  • Would you like to magically appear for a grand entrance?
  • Would you like to magically disappear/reappear?
  • Would you like your entire team to magically disappear/reappear?
  • A custom illusion designed and built around your product or service?
  • Custom presentations to deliver your company/product message?
  • Magic performed at your booth to draw in & maximize your exposure?
  • No Problem!

Compare Before You Hire A
Trade Show Magician!

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