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Welcome to my personal journal. You're probably asking yourself, "What in the hell is Though Eyes Nocturne?"... Well, you see, “nocturne” by definition, pertains to the painting of a night scene or an instrumental composition of a pensive, dreamy mood. “Pensive”, meaning engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought. Welcome to my world, my mind and my arts! This is where I will allow all a little deeper of a glimpse into my thoughts and my life. So, even if only for a few moments, they can then look back out at their own world just as I see it - Through Eyes Nocturne…

May all of your night scenes be painted...

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The Magician Became Me

By Aedryan Methyus | Through Eyes Nocturne

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

An early magician by the name of Robert Houdin (December 6, 1805 – June 13, 1871), who was coined – “The Father of Modern Magic” once said, “A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician”. I have had my own thoughts about that for many years now, which I would like to share...

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