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Close-up Strolling Magic

If you need to find and hire a close-up strolling magician to astound your group with impossible close-up magic then look no further! For close-up strolling magic engagements, Aedryan brings a small fold up table and a case, which he uses as a tabletop. He will stroll throughout your venue or event performing intimate, close-up sleight of hand magic and highly interactive, multi-climactic close-up magic routines with your guests. Many times the magic will happen right in your guest’s own hands. Many of the close-up magic pieces, which Aedryan performs are actually smaller versions of his same favorite magic routines he performs in his largest theatre performances. Aedryan’s close-up magic is the perfect way to add an extra touch of class and elegance to your event and it is perfect for entertaining your guests as they are arriving, during cocktails and before or after dinner. Depending on the size of your group or the type of venue, Aedryan can entertain your guests with close-up magic for up to 4 hours or more (all day for some engagements, such as tradeshows). Having Aedryan perform close-up strolling magic before and/or after on of his other shows is also the perfect way to provide a whole evening of magical entertainment for your guests! Aedryan can perform close-up magic in virtually any type of environment, whether it be on the streets, at dinner engagements, tradeshows, grand opening celebrations, hospitality suites, or festivals. He can even astound audiences in noisy clubs with strong, visual close-up magic, which does not even require the audience to hear. Aedryan has actually performed entire shows for deaf audiences!

Aedryan Methyus Differs From Other Close-up Strolling Magicians For Hire

You will find that unlike many other close-up strolling magicians, Aedryan’s close-up magic does not simply consist of card "tricks" and rubberband "tricks". Aside from performing miracles with items that are borrowed from your guests, Aedryan also presents a variety of other classy close-up magic effects, which will transform each tableside into a mini theatre performance. You will also find that unlike many other close-up strolling magicians, Aedryan brings a small fold-up table and a case, which he uses for a tabletop instead of working out of his pockets. There are many reasons why this gives him advantages over many other close-up strolling magicians. Firstly, it allows him to bring many more (and larger) close-up magic pieces to share with your guests than what could be shoved in his pockets.

Secondly, most often clients want to hire a close-up strolling magician to entertain their guests with close-up strolling magic during cocktail hours or other occasions, where the guests will be walking around holding drinks or other items. Aedryan's close-up magic is very interactive and many times happens right in the audience member's hands. So, if he didn't have a table for them to set their items on it would create a lot of awkwardness and perhaps even aggravation for your guests. When the guests are seated at a dinner table this also makes it so Aedryan doesn't have to burden the guests with moving everything out of the way to clear a place for him to perform on their table. There are many other advantages this gives Aedryan over a lot of other close-up strolling magicians, but those are a few of the most important ones. Just as you can expect from any show by master magician/illusionist - Aedryan Methyus, his close-up strolling magic will be presented to your guests with his personability, lovable charm and comical antics. And, as with all of Aedryan's performances, an evening of intimate close-up magic is a sure way to add GUARANTEED "wow factor" to your venue or event!

Aedryan Methyus Close-up Magic With Coins & Cards Montage

PLEASE NOTE: Though, the above video demonstrates some of Aedryan's sleight of hand skills it is not his formal close-up promo video. It was an audition video, which was filmed on the spur of the moment for a television commercial, which had specifically requested footage of close-up magic with coins and cards. Aedryan has many other types of magic in his close-up magic repertoire and a more formal close-up magic promo video will be filmed in the future.

* Having Aedryan perform close-up strolling magic before and/or after one of his other performances is the perfect way to provide a full evening of magical entertainment for your guests!

Ideal For:
  • Corporate Events
  • Cocktail Hours
  • Tradeshows
  • Banquet Rooms
  • Hospitality Suites
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Festivals
  • Grand Openings
  • Residential
  • All Ages

Show Features:
  • Close-up/Sleight Of Hand Magic
  • Highly Interactive Audience Participation Magic
  • Impossible Psychic Predictions And Revelations
  • Mentalism/Mindreading
  • Hilarious Comedy Magic

Theatrical Features:
  • N/A

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Aedryan Methyus Differs From "The Norm"!

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