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ADULT Comedy Magic Show

If you are expecting a wild and crazy group of "not so conservative", immature adults, who will not be easily offended by an ADULT comedy magic show filled with strong sexual humor and innuendo then Aedryan's "Magic & Delusion" ADULT comedy magic show might be just what you need! Comedy magician - Aedryan Methyus intentionally choreographed this over the top, hilarious, Rated R adult comedy magic show to push the boundaries of what is acceptable. This 45 minute adult comedy magic show is guaranteed to fill the house with gut clenching laughter! Aedryan’s adult comedy magic show is a collection of very unique insane comedy magic pieces, which never fail to evoke hilarity from any audience that is prepared for this brand of comedy, while at the same time, leaving them totally baffled and scratching their heads. Aedryan’s unique blend of comedy magic differs completely from the norm you will find with the vast majority of comedy magic magicians and is unlike any other act you will see. And, the best part is, it is totally interactive, so the audience will be part of the show!

* Aedryan's Magic & Delusion adult comedy magic show is very simple and hassle-free. It has very few technical requirements and can be performed virtually anywhere, but is best suited for comedy clubs, where risque' adult humor is much more widely accepted.

* Aedryan would never risk jeopardizing his client's reputation or integrity, nor his own. This particular act is therefor NOT recommended for corporate engagements or other events where some audience members might be offended and in fact, strongly advised against. No consideration was given to the little old lady sitting in the back of the room during the scripting and choreography of this adult comedy magic show!

Ideal For:
  • Comedy Clubs
  • 18 & Over

Show Features:
  • 45 - Minute Performance
  • Risque' Adult Comedy Magic
  • Strong Sexual Humor
  • Language
  • Rated R

Available Audio/Visual Options:
  • Sound System
  • Stage Lighting
  • Backdrops

Brand new Magic & Delusion promo video and photos coming soon!

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An Adult Comedy Magician!

Aedryan Methyus Differs From "The Norm"!

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