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Mega Illusion Show

Mega illusionist - Aedryan Methyus' highly "commercial" Strange Happenings mega illusion show production combines over 16 years of his life’s work, experience and theatrical expertise to create a 90 - minute experience of a lifetime for the audience. Along with three dancers, Aedryan will present cutting edge mega illusions and other large-scale grand illusions. In addition to the illusions and mega illusions, the audience will become part of a wide array of highly interactive miracles and outrageous comedy pieces.

As if the Strange Happenings mega illusion show isn't large and visual enough in it's rawest form, mega illusionist - Aedryan Methyus has incorporated the use of large screen projection monitors and live cameramen. This allows for a very up close and personal experience for the audience throughout the performance. There will not be a bad seat in the house and the visual extravaganza begins an hour before it is even showtime! To set the mood, this magical evening will begin with one hour of captivating, “otherworldly” pre-show video animation on the projection screens and music. Throughout the performance itself, mega illusionist - Aedryan Methyus' impossible illusions and mega illusions become even more impossible, as the audience will enjoy up close-up/360° viewing of every piece of magic and illusion presented in this mega illusion show. Video animation will also fill the space in between each routine as well. So, there will never be a dull moment or any "dead stage time".

Mega illusionist - Aedryan Methyus' masterful choreography, personability and lovable charm combined with all of the above elements, scenic backgrounds and lighting changes, intelligent lighting, strobes and eerie low lying fog will be a total assault on every audience member's senses. If you require only the finest evening of magical enchantment money can buy, this must see performance is GUARANTEED “Wow Factor” that will leave the audience, spellbound, captivated and on the edge of their seats with mystery and wonder and take them on an emotional roller coaster ride they will never forget!

What You Might Expect To See:

* Mega Illusionist Aedryan Methyus' highly technical and visual Strange Happenings mega illusion show production is only suitable for auditoriums, civic arenas and other large theatre type venues with adequate on/offstage accommodations and personnel.

Ideal For:
  • Large Theatre Venues
  • Civic Arenas
  • College Auditoriums
  • All Ages

Show Features:
  • MEGA Illusions & Large-Scale Grand Illusions
  • Highly Interactive Audience Participation Magic
  • Impossible Psychic Predictions And Revelations
  • Mentalism/Mindreading
  • Hilarious Comedy Magic
  • Sleight Of Hand Magic
  • 3 Dancers

Theatrical Features:
  • Pre-show Music & Video Animation
  • Scenic Lighting Changes
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Strobes
  • Scenic Backdrop(s)
  • Large Projection Screens
  • Live Cameramen
  • 360° Close-up Audience Viewing
  • Captivating Video Animation
  • Low Lying Fog
  • Fog Machines

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