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Bizarre magician/illusionist - Aedryan Methyus' highly polished and "commercialized" bizarre magic show production entitled; "Forbidden Magick" quite simply put, is what real MAGICK and miracles would look and feel like. You will not see a single "trick" in this 90 - minute long performance! Of the many different shows Aedryan has to his credit, this is unquestionably his most prized and cherished of them all. Deriving from the darkest places of Aedryan's creative mind, this haunting theatrical bizarre magic masterpiece entails a contrasting array of ghostly themed miracles. Including themes based on ghosts, hauntings and the afterlife, voodoo rituals, death, murder and suicide, serial killers, the occult and other such macabre. Each eerie piece is presented in chilling storytelling fashion. The mood of each piece is enhanced by graphic depictive props and arcane items. Some of which might be considered by some to be a bit disturbing... And, finally, the atmosphere is set with scenery, lighting, fog, hypnotic music and sound effects. Aedryan has gone to great lengths to see that this one of a kind performance touches on the audience's every emotion, whether it's fear, anger, sorrow or even happiness...

Sounds creepy and theatrical enough, right? Not even close...

As if the Forbidden Magick bizarre magic and illusion show isn't creepy and theatrical enough in it's rawest form, Aedryan has incorporated the use of large screen projection monitors and live cameramen. This allows for a very up close and personal experience for the audience throughout the performance. There will not be a bad seat in the house. The audience will be completely sucked in and riveted as they are placed right in the center of each miracle with close-up 360° viewing. And, the visual extravaganza begins an hour before it is even showtime! To set the mood for this eerie and haunting evening, it will begin with one hour of captivating, “otherworldly” pre-show video animation on the projection screens and music. Video animation will also fill the space in between each piece as well. So, there will never be a dull moment or any "dead stage time".

"A total assault on the audience's senses and emotions"

Bizarre magician/illusionist Aedryan Methyus' masterful choreography, scripting and theatrics combined with all of the above elements are a total assault on the audience's senses and emotions. If you require only the finest evening of magical enchantment money can buy, this must see, one of a kind bizarre magic show is GUARANTEED “Wow Factor” that will leave the audience, spellbound, captivated and on the edge of their seats with mystery and wonder and take them on an emotional roller coaster ride they will never forget!

What You Might Expect To See:

* Forbidden Magick could not possibly be more perfect as a month long Halloween season haunted attraction all of it's own. Any interested venues or investors please contact Aedryan to discuss possibilities.

Ideal For:
  • Civic Arenas
  • Theatre Venues
  • College Auditoriums
  • All Ages

Show Features:
  • 90 - Minute Performance
  • Large-Scale Grand Illusions
  • Horror Themed Storytelling Magic
  • Highly Interactive Audience Participation Magic
  • Impossible Psychic Predictions And Revelations
  • Mentalism/Mindreading
  • Dark Humor

Theatrical Features:
  • Pre-show Music & Video Animation
  • Scenic Lighting Changes
  • Scenic Backdrop(s)
  • Scenery Props
  • Large Projection Screens
  • Live Cameramen
  • 360° Close-up Audience Viewing
  • Captivating Video Animation
  • Low Lying Fog
  • Fog Machines

A Few Words About Bizarre Magicians, Illusionists And Bizarre Magic Shows

There is a huge misconception being circulated by an individual, whose acts predominantly consist of sideshow geek stunts. But, he refers to himself as a "bizarre magician" and bills his shows as "bizarre magic shows". Due to the fact that he has somehow managed to gain a lot of television and internet exposure, we feel that it is necessary to make certain that Aedryan's potential clients (and others) do not confuse bizarre magic shows with sideshow geek stunts (more commonly known as geek magic). They are two completely different forms of entertainment and do not have anything in common. Geek magic doesn't even involve magic per se'. It involves stunts, such as performers driving nails up their noses, laying on a bed of nails, sword swallowing, fire breathing, breaking blocks over their heads and other such stunts. None of which have any resemblance to anything bizarre magicians would ever perform in bizarre magic shows. We just felt it necessary to offer a little clarification on this subject, because we definitely would not want the public to think that Forbidden Magick entails geek magic...

For anyone, who would like to give it a read, Wikipedia gives a fairly accurate, generalized description of traditional bizarre magicians and bizarre magic shows.

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